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Как считывать коды ошибок на а/м Mack 
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Сообщение как считывать коды ошибок на а/м mack
Troubleshooting / Diagnostic Fault Codes (Blink Codes)
Follow these quick & easy steps:
1. In a stopped position with your unit OFF, Turn the key to the ON position and wait until the power-up test is finished.
2. The malfunction warning light must stay on after the power-up test is finished in order to properly retrieve your 2 digit “blink” fault code.
3. With the speed control ON/OFF switch in the OFF position, PRESS & HOLD the SET/DECEL or the RESUME/ACCEL switch until the fault lamp goes OFF.
4. The fault lamp will remain OFF for approximately one second.
5. Immediately after, the VMACIII Module will begin to flash a two-digit blink code.
6. The two digits of the code will be separated by a one second pause (fault lamp will be off).
7. Each digit of the blink code may consist of up to ten ON/OFF flashes. The ON/OFF time for each flash will be one-fourth of a second.
8. Count the number of blinks or ON flashes in the first set of flashes and how many times in the second set of flashes.
9. You now have your fault code. E.g.: 1-7.
*Check the Fault Code Identification Table to trace your problem*
Should you need any further help, call our Service Department and speak to one of our experienced Service Advisors.

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